Development Process

Being your technology vendor our main goals are to provide you with solution that meets and exceed your expectations and make our cooperation process "seamless" and mutually beneficial. For this we need to be flexible to the limit and we actually are!

As a full-cycle software provider, GP solutions guides and supports its clients through all the stages of software development workflow. Usually project goes through a set of sequential phases:


Each project starts with this phase that goes as a single iteration and defines the vision for the whole project. Though for complex projects this analysis phase can be split for sub-phases.

  • Goals
      • understand business requirements and write them down
      • identify “hidden” requirements for the client
      • assist in achieving common understanding of the project (if there’re several stakeholders for instance)
      • analyze alternatives (concerning software or suppliers to work with) if they take place and advise on the best option(s)
      • agree upon overall system architecture and select proper technical solution for implementation
      • agree on development approach, priorities and project phases to have clear understanding how to proceed further

      NOTE: Although analysis phase is devoted to market research and analysis of business models, we concentrate on travel technology consulting, thus making decision of which model to select is purely client's responsibility.

  • Deliverables
    • By the end of this phase you will receive:

      • Vision document (20-50 pages long)
      • Backlog that includes requirements, priorities and project stages
      • Analytics&Research (comparative analysis of software, suppliers or competitors, etc.)
      • Business processes (documentation AS-IS and TO-BE)


The design phase aimed at in-depth analysis of each feature and functionality and specification of HOW exactly it will look like and behave. Sometimes this phase is combined with analysis or implementation phases.

Depending on the project the design phase can cover either the whole project, or some iteration, or single feature.

  • Goals
      • convert business requirements to system requirements
      • specify the way each functionality should work from the users’ perspective (in the form of user stories or use cases)
      • draw UI mockups
      • specify data models
      • specify algorithms and technical solutions

      NOTE: The design creation and selection of UX team/designer are up to you cause this cooperation requires really strong emotional contact between you and the specialist. On the other hand, if you don't have any - we can advise you on our subcontractors with whom you can work upon design.

  • Deliverables
    • By the end of this phase you will receive:

      • Specification document
      • UI mockups
      • UI design
      • Acceptance tests
      • Architecture design
      • API definition


The implementation phase is a process of actual development, including such accompanying activities as stabilization, documentation and Quality Assurance. At this stage we implement the required software aimed to achieve client's goals that are stated in Vision document and Specification.

  • Project Management

      At GP solutions we take an individual approach to each customer and each project. We select the methodology on the basis of project requirements and specifications. Besides we are trying to stay as flexible as possible taking into account possible market changes, requirements changes and updates that may happen during the long-term project development.

      With this in mind we suggest our clients Agile approach to development that ensures flexibility, fosters communication and focuses on close interaction between Implementation Team and Client.Thus we guarantee frequent demonstration of intermediate results (usually each 2-3 weeks) and daily meetings.

      We strive to make all the development processes as transparent as possible for you. To inspect, adapt and improve the ongoing development process we suggest to concentrate on ongoing communications and adopt such Srum practices as: daily meetings, sprint plannings, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives. Also GP solutions operates using the most advanced project and issue tracking tools that proved their efficiency in project planning and bug tracking - for example, JIRA Atlassian.

      This software is perfectly suitable for iterative development approach due to the in-built Jira Agile board option featuring lots of great project management tools: burn-down chart, release burn-down, velocity report, sprint report, etc.)

  • Deliverables
    • By the end of this phase you will receive:

      • Software on acceptance
      • User Guides
      • Online help
      • Release notes


The delivery phase follows implementation and concentrates on delivering the software to production and successful initial training of those who will manage the software. Usually the delivery is done by GP staff, while sometimes it can be delegated to client's technical staff as well (if there are special security requirements for instance).

  • Goals
      • server configuration to meet the system requirements
      • installation of the software on production server
      • training of supervisors "how to configure the software"
      • training of end-users "how to use the software"
      • training of technical staff on the subject of API, reporting capabilities, etc.
  • Deliverables
    • By the end of this phase you will receive:

      • Ready-to-use software


After the software is delivered we provide our clients with ongoing support that includes both prompt responds to any force-major situation and providing clients with proactive monitoring & improvement suggestions. For this we provide several ways for communications, including 24/7 Online Support Center and Skype consultations with the support specialists who are available during the working hours.

Further system development and modifications are possible according to the client’s wishes.

As you understand - the stages listed above represent only some general workflow. Some phases can be skipped or merged. For complex projects each phase can be considered as a separate sub-project. Being a project development company we a ready to take up your idea on any of production stages - and bring it to perfection!

We strive to constantly be in progress: keep abreast of new technologies and offer you wide choice of collaboration options.

To find out more about our experience and solutions please feel free to contact us.