It’s not an overstatement that e-banking has revolutionized the financial sector: payments, fund transfers and other bank transactions can now be conducted at any time, from anywhere, and much more conveniently as it used to be in the pre-digital era. But the abundance of modern banking technologies sometimes leads to confusion about the choice of the right solution to deliver premium level services.

Another challenge is the swiftness of transfers and the security compliance matter, gaining real importance with increasing volume of transactions being performed electronically. Only choosing the reliable banking software company will guarantee the desirable commercial result and your customers’ satisfaction.


The variety of banking software by our company includes online and mobile banking solutions, featuring electronic bill payments, bank card transactions, e-money storage, electronic fund transfers and many other options.

Online banking solutions:

We offer our customers versatile banking solutions, e.g. a web-based solution “from scratch” that we developed for IQ Card company.   

Thanks to our web-based banking solutions, it becomes possible to:

  • assure swift and convenient payments; 
  • support various globally recognized payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, etc.);
  • efficiently manage personal finances;
  • enjoy discounts and bonus programs from bank's partners: bargain travel tickets, large retail chains discounts or restaurants’ special offers.

Mobile banking solutions:

Mobile phone applications make it even easier, featuring multiple useful options:

  • mobile wallets, mobile remittance and top-up option support
  • client access area extension thanks to USSD, SMS and smartphone apps
  • customers’ ability to conveniently track, plan and stay in control of their expenses
  • lower the cost of customer service

Security comes first: here in GP solutions we pay special importance to the security matter of our online and mobile banking solutions, doing our best to successfully eliminate the possibility of fraud and to guarantee very low error probability. Our specialists provide qualified support and integration of secure cost-effective payment systems for any purpose of the banking industry.

Usability matters: we are seasoned in creating rich user experience interfaces and developing smart new features for virtual banking that add to convenience of card and electronic access services that your customers will certainly appreciate.

The next step in e-banking evolution is an ever expanding choice of services and applications aimed at different bank clients: more options for business and enterprise systems, friendly solutions for consumers. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with the modern financial trends and Contact Us to request a quote.