Startups and outsourcing - these two words are increasingly put together without any contradiction. The main thing about startup is the idea behind it, and every entrepreneur has his own ways to bring this idea to life. In-house development typically turns out to be too expensive, slow and demanding, that's why outsourcing software development is often the most realistic scenario at the seed stage. Cooperation with an experienced IT company helps to elude risks of failing and gives more confidence to the business owner.

Only a few startups can claim professional development teams and big starting capitals at the beginning. Accepting too much investment can lead to ambiguous situations, when the the starting business gets beyond control of its creator. To avoid it, startup owners hire outside engineering teams and benefit from offshore software development.


Virtual design and engineering department (VDED) is the new word in the swirling startup community. Basically, it means outsourcing software development and concentrating on taking care of business. Several years ago this idea could scare many old-school digital entrepreneurs who did their best to keep their "know-hows" secure. Today you can manage offsite development and protect your intellectual property without losing your unique recipe for success. Instead, you win two of the most important things: time and money, which you can use to effectively develop your business, promote your product on the marked and get ahead of competition.

Outsourcing for a small business is not the easiest road to walk. Major outsourcing firms require hiring large teams of tens or even hundreds of qualified developers, which is too much for a startup company. But there is a chance to find a medium-sized software vendor with an impressive track record. We have already helped several startups to succeed on the international level, and these projects are among the most rewarding in our portfolio. GP Solutions team is always happy to participate in custom software development of an innovative product, because we beleive that facing the challenge of complicated or creatively different tasks is where we gain our momentum.