Microsoft's .NET Framework is an indispensable tool for creating Windows applications. This powerful technology allows building reliable, scalable and dynamic applications using any programming language that supports .NET Framework (for example, C#, PHP or JavaScript). Apart from Windows, it is deployed at a wide variety of projects including software for servers and embedded systems, mobile phones and console games. Microsoft .NET Framework forms the basis of many enterprise-scale software products, CRM solutions and content management systems.

The main challenge about .NET is that it is constantly updated by Microsoft. You need to monitor these changes and innovations in order to successfully integrate the latest Microsoft products. For example, Metro style applications development for Windows 8 needs the specific subset of .NET created to support the new form factor of Microsoft products. Needless to say that development for Windows Phone is impossible without profound knowledge of .NET-based technologies and current software releases.


In software development competitive world you have to follow the innovations, but the core knowledge should never be left behind. With this in mind, we always test and review the new technologies prior to starting a new .NET development project. If you consider developing a desktop, web or mobile application, as well as enterprise and distributed applications for Microsoft platform, the broad experience of our team can be of great help. We have accumulated significant expertise in custom software development involving .NET Framework, which helps us to create robust and mission-critical software solutions within the shortest time.

ASP.NET is an extension of .NET technology paired with ASP (Active Server Pages). It is a popular web development framework for creating scalable and secure applications. Our developers are equally good at building new ASP.NET applications, maintaining and integrating third party web solutions based on any of the .NET technologies with the help of our expert techniques and diverse .NET development tools.