Java is considered quite complex and time-consuming technology, but it worthily enjoys the reputation of the most reliable platform with hard to beat extensibility. Java’s history is long, but today it perfectly serves the needs of many innovative companies. Just a couple of facts: Google uses Java on the back-end for its numerous services, including Google Plus; Amazon And eBay were built using Java technologies. More than 4 billion devices run Java, including its MicroEdition. Let’s find out what makes Java software development irreplaceable throughout the years and why we are the right Java development company for your project.


A great combination of scalability and performance makes Java development ideal for companies looking for large-scale business software able to assure trouble-proof performance. Using latest Java technologies, we performed several large projects for established companies, such as opinion portal optimization for Toluna company, universal travel engine development for leading German travel agency, full-scope bank card electronic service implementation for IQCard.

Java mobile application development is another substantial sector of Java technology employment, especially Android programming as it’s considered as Java-based platform. Our experience includes examples of mobile solutions, such as iOS and Android apps for booking cruises for Tallink.

Benefits of Java application development with GPsolutions:

  • Vast experience in web and mobile development for e-commerce, travel, media & entertainment and many other industries;
  • Our offshore Java development services are based on latest approaches;
  • Development and support of various Java frameworks: Spring, Struts, Jasper Reports, JSF, as well as of major front-end technologies – HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery, XML/XSLT and many others;
  • Constant participation of our experts in training programs and seminars;
  • Several flexible cooperation models for your convenience.

The main edges of Java software development are:

  • High capacity: easy support of comprehensive and large-scale solutions
  • Unbeatable reliability: Java is ideal technology for large networks
  • Widest application range: seamless usage on different devices from web cameras,  and game devices to mainframe computers
  • Ultimate security: built-in protection from viruses and possibility of code testing in safe environment

One of the most advantageous things about Java applications is that development process is translated into a specific byte-code, what makes the resulting product absolutely independent from computer’s architecture.

Although Java community counts over 6.5 million of developers, a reliable offshore Java development partner is always in demand on the IT market. Java application development in our company is assured by a number of the top-ranked specialists well-familiar with different frameworks and techniques to create the most sufficient solutions. Naturally, Java software development is a complex and detailed process that is better accomplished by large teams. Since excellent teamwork is the trademark of our developers, we guarantee the reliability of our offshore Java development services and its full compliance with your business needs.

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