Mobile development


Today smartphones are so much closer to their owners throughout the day than any other device, becoming their right hand in daily routine, including various shopping and reservation duties. So, while you are hesitating about going for mobile technology, your customers are much likely already using it.

This pervasive trend changes customers’ buying habits, turning software for portable devices into powerful sales channels while making mobile application development a big and diverse industry with a substantial offshore sector. The choice of the platform and technology, the need to assure support of various kinds of devices makes the challenge quite serious, that’s why the right partner is the decisive point in your project success.


Why we are the right company for your project?

  • Our team specializes on Java Android development, being well familiar with wide spectrum of Java sub-technologies, Android devices and screen resolutions;
  • The talents from our Objective C department fully catch the specifics of iPad and iPhone mobile software development, helping our company to continuously enhance our software usability and performance;
  • We have experience in creating apps “from scratch” for different industries, such as iOS and Android apps for booking cruises based on Java mobile development for Tallink company;
  • Single-platform or cross-platform, web-based or native? Depending on customer’s needs, we develop any of those, or advise on the right choice in case of doubt;
  • Our company offers various cooperation models so you can choose the one the suits you best.

Being relatively young, this industry is evolving at a speed of light. Today professional companies are able to deliver any kind of customer experience through a simple and beautiful application for Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile. With impressive amount of iPhone and iPad admirers all over the world, iOS platform has quickly become the most targeted for app creators. But Android keeps pace with iOS, being today the fastest-growing platform and the most preferable by consumers due to its openness.

Mobile technology is not limited to Android development on Java or IPhone app programming on Objective C. New frameworks and environments emerge to help companies to make mobile applications development process quicker and more productive. Our company has a lot of experience in developing highly efficient applications using a number of latest languages and environments, including Android Java development, Windows and popular HTML5 mobile development.

The projects we deliver are created in a dynamic and team-driven environment, because in GP Solutions we gather only the most experienced Java and Objective C programmers to assure the ultimate level of our solutions.