Today's web developers are no longer tied up with the outdated web page concept. Relying on the cutting-edge technologies, they create interactive web applications that change the face of World Wide Web. Web 2.0 concept features user’s involvement and participation, turning him/her into an active consumer and a contributor, not just a passive page visitor.


Most of rich internet applications employ advanced web technologies: JavaScript and its libraries, such as jQuery, HTML5 and AJAX, which use built-in browser functionality and don’t require plug-in installation.

We assist in front-end development of heavy-duty, multi-functional web portals and single applications which are fast, stable and responsive, using all the technologies listed above, and even more.

HTML5 is not just a step in the evolution of HTML language. It is a completely new set of powerful web technologies with unique features, such as improved performance, impressive 3D graphics and native multimedia support. These features are combined with new strengths of JavaScript, a universal language for creating rich web interfaces and reliable online services.

Effective use of modern web tools and technologies enables companies to open up new horizons of user experience to their customers. AJAX programming (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) adds to applications interactivity, responsiveness and performance. In simple words, there is no need to refresh the webpage to see the effect of your actions. Web applications work nearly the same as the desktop applications, meaning better access, flexibility and, in the end, increased popularity of the new internet services.

We know front-end software development like the back of our hand. Thanks to our creative and motivated web development team, we have successfully delivered a number of cross-browser compatible rich internet applications based on JavaScript, HTML5 and AJAX technologies. We keep up with the latest innovations and bring fresh perspectives to your online business by developing engaging, rich and compatible web portals.