Ruby is a relatively young language, but one of the most discussed on the web thanks to the popular web services that’s been developed on it. For example, Twitter was built using Rails/Ruby, as well as Airbnb travel startup. Web startups prefer Ruby on Rails because a brand new project can be created and launched in very short time. In return, developers enjoy working with Ruby, as it is concise, logical and innovative. It means for the client that a custom software project on Ruby will be accomplished timely and with true enthusiasm.


In the business context, the key advantage of Ruby on Rails development is its productivity and efficiency, especially when it comes to web portal development. A few strings of code in Ruby are enough to complete a task that would require a lot of resources in other languages, and the framework offers ready-made solutions for many typical software development tasks. This affordability makes Ruby programming so rapid and effective that it is often preferred by large enterprises wanting to increase their Internet presence.

Startup industry is not the only domain where time is a critical success factor. Web service software for various business purposes can be developed on RoR with the assistance of other technologies, e.g. media portals, social services and e-commerce applications. RoR can be easily combined with other web and software technologies: Flash + Flex, jQuery and even Java (jRuby). It is also more cost effective compared to custom software development on more commercially important languages like Java and C++. In that way, Ruby is one of the most beloved programming languages with a large number of devotees worldwide.  

Our Ruby developers are smart and creative, being active members of the world RoR community. They love working on challenging projects and are good at applying new tools and technologies. Cross-platform projects are their specialty, based on solid experience in software integration, web platforms and mobile technologies.