Back Office Software and Connectivity Gateway

Back Office Software and Connectivity Gateway

GlobeTrack offers a tour operator software for online sales and business automation. Founded in 2001, it has reached truly international status and now has branches on three continents. GlobeTrack develops B2B and B2C booking software and performs implementation of its own robust travel platform.


Being a large software vendor with a big project on the table, GlobeTrack needed offshore development services for fast and effective start of the project.

Our developers participated in building back office software for the main products of GlobeTrack. Facing the task of integration required to connect three new wholesalers, specialists of our company proposed to implement some of the the turnkey solutions earlier already been developed for one of the GP group companies.

This concise piece of software turned out to be the most profitable solution for the client's needs. GP HUB is a unified connectivity gateway which helped to integrate products from AVIS, Nightsbridge and ERES into the existing platform of the client.