Best car offer search service for Autospot

Best car offer search service for Autospot

The client decided to launch a handy service enabling search and purchase of a new car from one of the official dealers in Russian Federation. Not only GP Solutions team performed the development of this project, but also took part in start up’s concept creation.


As a result of this project, a full-scale service enabling search of the most profitable car purchase offers from official Russian car-dealers was created completely “from scratch”. Not only enables the user to compare car prices from various dealers, but also allows to book the preferred offer for the purchase guaranteed.

The project is based on the car models catalogue with the possibility to look through the specifications and to choose the desired car grade and color. We have implemented the geolocation functionality, so the user is immediately suggested the nearest dealer’s office.

Other useful functionalities include the price and sales chart for each car model so the user can track the price dynamics and make a timely purchase decision. All the information about cars viewed and certificates purchased is stored in user’s Personal Area.

GP Solutions specialists have also provided for the system content management tools, such as dealer’s personal area, website administration system, etc.