GemFire C++ API and Delphi App

GemFire C++ API and Delphi App

Satisfied after successful implementation of the pilot project on Jaspersoft BI, Reporting and Analytics tool customization accomplished by GP team, our Client - a software company dedicated to providing fully integrated, customized software solutions for the travel and leisure industries – provided us with a new professional challenge.

At this time the Client’s requirement was to develop a tool (GemFire Bridge) that will produce DLL file which exposes GemFire C++ API (Function Execution functionality) to Delphi applications. The prerequisites to the project: GemFire client interface is based on the version 8.1.0 (related documentation GemFire Native Client 8.1.0 C++ API and Pivotal GemFire User's Guide).


In order to develop the required solution of the GemFire Bridge tool our team performed the following:

  1. Implementation of the type library parser by:

  • generation of C++ code for object (de)serialization to the gemfire::Serializable format;
  • calling of the gemfire functions and providing results of the calls back to the caller.
  1. Implementation of x84 and x64 versions of IGemfireBridge COM interface, described in the provided type library;
  2. Option of bridge dll to provide functions(s) for accessing the IGemfireBridge interface directly, bypassing the COM.

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