Interactive Blog for #travels

Interactive Blog for #travels

The Client provides to his social media customers the solution of an easy to navigate travel booking platform with quick and affordable worldwide travel solutions on the go. Smart travel software and design makes it easy to plan any travel itinerary regardless device. The software focuses on simple use, functional experience and excellence in details.

In the framework of the permanent furious growth of social networks popularity this ultra-modern service addressed GP with a request to develop a blog on their existing website. Why GP? The answer is simple – we know everything and even more about travel!


Blog project development included the following parts:

  • Front-end part for the customers of the Client’s blog.

    It provides a convenient platform developed with the help of AngularJS framework. The platform reflects all the marketing aims of the project – visitors of the blog are able to find useful travel articles, leave comments, share them in the social networks. In order to strengthen this part GP team also integrated Prerender - a SEO tool for AngularJS application indexing.

  • Backend part for administrator of the platform.

    Built with Ruby language it allows comfortable management and control of each of the many features and options of the Blog. Apart from the main functions of articles management (create, edit, delete), the back office provides possibilities to import pictures, countries, cities, airports. Administrators also appreciate multilingual option of the system as well as opportunity to export all data in one of the formats: cvs, json, xml, filter or sort it if needed.

Leave a request for us if you would like such platform.