Jaspersoft Reports Customization

Jaspersoft Reports Customization

The Client is one of the world's leading suppliers of booking and check-in systems for cruise, ferry and resort industries.

The Client contacted GP with a request to customize a report tool that they were using – an external application Jaspersoft – a solid BI, Reporting and Analytics solution. Jaspersoft offers a wide range of useful features, such as creation and management of interactive reports, convenient work with Big Data through integration and virtualization, OLAP analysis, and multi-tenant BI. Despite all the mentioned above options the app is quite complicated to operate.

Thus, the Client faced the necessity to customize and refine Jaspersoft Report and Analytics tool according to their business needs. Thanks to its expertise and experience GP successfully accomplished such modifications and released a ready simple to use tool for the Client.


Solutions based on 3rd party software are one of the three main options offered by GP. Professionally inspired by the complexity of the task our team succeeded to provide the Client with the suitable final solution in the shortest terms which left the Client satisfied.

Upon Client’s request, GP team developed and introduced the following reports:

  • Bookings Added Today
  • Guest Manifest
  • Payment Due Report
  • Reservations with promotions and add-ons

As a bonus, GP specialists configured a rule (schedule) to send the report ''Bookings Added Today'' every day.

If you need your own customized solution based on Jasper soft BI, Reporting and Analytics application, please contact us to get a quote. Please tell us more about your requirements, and we will definitely find a proper solution.